Sydney Harbour Women’s Keelboat Series

The Sydney Harbour Women’s Keelboat Series returns in 2022/23, consisting of six races.

One race will be hosted by each of the CYCA, Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC), Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (RSYS), Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club (RPEYC), Manly Yacht Club (MYC) and Royal Australian Naval Sailing Association (RANSA).

Crews will be able to compete in full female crew or female helm divisions, as well as nominate spinnaker or non-spinnaker racing.

Entries are available in a block, or on a per-race basis by 1200hrs the Thursday prior to each race. For more information, view the below documents.


  • Race 1 – Sunday 25 September 2022 (MHYC)
  • Race 2 – Sunday 30 October 2022 (CYCA)
  • Race 3 – Sunday 20 November 2022 (RSYS)
  • Race 4 – Sunday 22 January (RANSA)
  • Race 5 – Sunday 26 February (RPEYC)
  • Race 6 – Sunday 26 March (MYC)




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