Marina & Facilities

To stay up to date on the latest boating and waterway restrictions during this current COVID-19 health crisis, please visit the NSW Government Roads and Maritime website for up to date information.

The CYCA offers its Members a comprehensive support service to make owning a boat a pleasure.

Members have access to deep water berthing facilities comprising a floating marina for 213 boats and hardstand for up to 20 Etchells and J24s with a crane for the use by boat owners.

Casual berthing is available on request subject to marina availability. For visiting boat bookings fill out the

Visiting boat booking/registration form.

On-site contract boating services such as riggers, shipwrights and ship chandlery ensure boat owners receive professional advice and workmanship at all times.

Please note, it is a condition of 3 Year and Quarterly Licences that the vessel regularly competes in our sailing program. From harbour twilight racing to extended offshore challenges, our extensive sailing program has something for all crews of any skill level to enjoy. Click here for more information on sailing at CYCA.

Opening Hours & Enquiries

Monday – Friday: 0730–1600hrs
Saturday & Sunday: 0800-1700hrs

Marina Administrator – Philip Pembroke
+61 (0) 2 8292 7807
+61 (0) 418 733 933

Tender Service

Ph: 0418 611 672

The CYCA provides a tender service for its Members which services Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay and Darling Point. Please note the current hours of operation are;

  • Monday – Friday 0730-1600hrs
  • Saturday – Sunday 0800-1800hrs
  • Public holidays 0800-1800hrs
  • New Year’s Eve – 0730-0200hrs

Once community sport resumes, the Tender will run to 2000hrs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please note that the last call for collection is 15 minutes prior to the end of service.

Yacht Services Directory

Click the link above to open the yacht services directory with a wide selection of information which may be of use to Members, boat owners and/or sailors.

Marina and Hardstand charges

(Costs calculated on the vessels length overall including bowsprits and all overhanging appendages.)

Visiting and Quarterly Licence rates (formerly Casual Berthing)

Vessel Type


Catamaran Yacht

Motor vessel

Catamaran Motor Vessel



$1.35 per foot per night

$2.40 per foot per night

$2.45 per foot per night

$4.40 per foot per night

$26.40 per night


$2.55 per foot per night

$4.40 per foot per night

$3.60 per foot per night

$6.30 per foot per night

$30.00 per night

Minimum non-members visiting marina rate – $65.00 for the first night of stay

3 Year Licence (Members only, formerly Permanent Berthing)

Yacht                                 $83.90 per foot per quarter

Hardstand                         $2,151.85 per quarter

Other Facilities

Tender Service                  $253.50 per quarter

Casual Tender Service       $12.50 per ride

Locker                               $226.00 per quarter

Dinghy Rack                      $185.10 per quarter

Hardstand Crane

  • The primary use of the crane is for Hardstand berth holders nominated vessels only.
  • Quick wash facility is available to marina berth holders who have J24’s or Etchells. Must be pre-booked with the Marina Administrator. Cost per lift $110.00
  • Other Members are only able to use crane to load their J24’s & Etchells on or off trailers when attending regattas. Must be pre-booked with the Marina Administrator. Cost $110.00 per lift.

Engine Lifts

  • Engine lifts using the hardstand crane may be booked through the Marina Administrator. Cost per lift $165.00 plus $85/hr labour.
  • Only authorised staff members are permitted to utilise the crane during engine lifting operations.

Marina Work Request

If you are a CYCA marina berth holder and require some work on your vessel, CYCA offers a number of services, including: 

  • Splicing
  • Test and tag
  • Fenders
  • Cleat Movement
  • Vessel Check

Complete a CYCA marina work request form to inquire.

Reporting Marina Maintenance Issues

If during your time at the Marina, Club, or on your yacht, you have noticed something on the Club’s Marina which you feel needs attention, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know by reporting. Click here and fill in the form to report maintenance issues.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia is the holder of an Environmental Protection Licence which is operated in accordance with the scheduled activity titled “Marinas and boat repairs”

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

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