Winter Squads

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Tuesday 24 March, the CYCA Board of Directors made the difficult decision to postpone all Youth Sailing activities till 1 October 2020. This decision has affected all winter squads, however, the CYCA is committed to minimizing the disruption and will be rescheduling all squads to commence over the summer period. 


The CYCA Youth Sailing Academy conducts winter training squads in conjunction with other sailing clubs to allow sailors to participate and build their skills across multiple disciplines and classes within the sport of sailing. Winter Squads are open to members and non-members of the CYCA and are tiered into three levels.

Sailors are recommended to have participated in at least two CYCA School Holiday Courses before attending winter squads. Sailors are also strongly encouraged to participate for two years in each squad, focusing on different positions across those years.

Through a New South Wales Government initiative, the CYCA Youth Sailing Academy has been approved as an Active Kids Program provider which allows parents to claim and redeem a $100.00 Active Kids voucher per school enrolled child to cover registration of a CYCA Youth Sailing Academy course. To be eligible for the grant, please complete the online application form here.

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Talented Sailor Squad (TSS)

Graduates from School Holiday Courses (cert 3 or higher) or sailors who have been active in dinghy sailing for 3 – 5 years are welcome to apply for this squad. Students from this course gain valuable skills in tactics and strategy of fleet racing on-board keel boats and may become involved with yacht racing. Participants are required to be over the age of 13 to attend.


Development Match Racing Squad (DMR)

Sailors who have demonstrated a high level of fleet racing skills or graduated from other YSA squads are invited to attend. Participants from this course gain valuable skills in both match and fleet racing and are given the opportunity to represent the CYCA in regattas across both disciplines. They may also become involved with yacht racing. Participants are recommended to be over the age of 15 to attend.


Advanced Squad (AS)

This course fine-tunes the sailor in all aspects of the sport.  Racing rules, tactics, physical fitness, campaign planning, sail trim and boat maintenance are just some of the subjects covered over the course.  Participants in the Advanced Squad have the opportunity to represent the CYCA in a number of local, national and International under 25’s match racing regattas and are highly sought after as yacht crews. Participants are recommended to be over the age of 17 to attend.


YSA Presentation Evening 2020

YSA Sailors, Parents and Guests is currently postponed till further notice.

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