CYCA Sailing Foundation

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia believes sailing should be a sport for all.

The CYCA Sailing Foundation has been developed to provide greater sailing opportunities for the broader community and increase participation levels.

Our mission

With a focus on community engagement, the CYCA Sailing Foundation aims to improve physical and mental wellbeing through participation in the sport of sailing.

The Foundation seeks to reduce the barriers for those who have previously had limited or no access to sailing.

Our vision

Our vision is a simple one: To ensure the benefits of sailing can be appreciated by everyone in the community.

Project #1 – Elliott 7 Fleet Refurbishment and Sustainment Campaign

The CYCA Youth Sailing Academy (YSA) has been in operation for more than 25 years, conducting a range of programs annually both on water and in the classroom. During that time, the CYCA has fully supported the YSA which has included amongst other things the provision and maintenance of a fleet of 10 one design boats.

One of the objectives of the CYCA Sailing Foundation is to support the development and maintenance of youth sailing. This campaign falls within the objects of this Foundation.

All of our fleets have a detailed preventative maintenance program, which is evident in the current fleet’s excellent condition. Previous fleets have turned over approximately every 10 years

For the YSA to continue as a world leading sailing academy, the CYCA Board considered replacement options for the fleet and has determined that refurbishment of the current fleet would meet the key future requirements at the core of YSA activities, and that a small refurbishment of each boat would be required to bring the fleet back to “factory standards”.


The CYCA Sailing Foundation has four key strategic priorities:

  • To grow sailing infrastructure, both on water and on shore
  • To create and enable opportunities to sail for those with limited or no access
  • To identify and support disadvantaged sectors of the community
  • To promote a community focus.


These priorities will be achieved by outlining clear objectives, including:

  • Identifying and securing funding opportunities for the acquisition of sailing facilities (including boats and their maintenance)
  • Identifying and securing funding opportunities that reduce barriers to entry and enable access to sailing
  • Supporting the development of programs through the CYCA, Youth Sailing Academy (YSA) and other partners
  • Identifying opportunities for schools and from country sailing programs
  • Ensuring that the dominant activities of the CYCA Sailing Foundation are targeted for social purposes
  • Engaging with the community to find ways to deliver outcomes focused on wellbeing through participation in sailing
  • Promoting the role of sailing in enabling the wellbeing and development of life skills in the wider community
  • Encouraging growth in Membership and attendance at sailing activities and facilities.

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