Video Archive Project

Since 2008 the Club’s Archives Committee has been conducting a series of interviews with senior members of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia to document their recollections of the development of the Club and the sport of ocean racing.

The full list of these archived videos and more are located on the CYCA TV YouTube channel HERE.

Episode 30: Commodore Noel Cornish AM

This chapter in the Video Archive Project looks at the newly elected Commodore, Noel Cornish AM.

The interview covers the following topics, early sailing days, 1985 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Nynja Go, on the move with BHP, joining the CYCA in 2002, St Jude in 2007, Sydney Hobart Yacht Race memories, Reflections on being elected Commodore, CYCA and the COVID-19 pandemic and finishing off talking about sailing today.

Episode 29 (part 2): Basil Diethlem

This chapter in the Video Archive Project series is part 2 of Peter Shipway’s interview of Basil Diethelm. Basil is a 59-year member of the club and Peter estimates that Basil has logged more sea miles than any other member. In part 2 Basil talks about the Suez and Panama Canals, and about his love affair with the Caribbean.

The content guide for part 2 starts with Suez and Panama Canals, racing in the early 1980s on Inch by Winch, sailing home from Taiwan, Swans, Caribbean love, 13 Atlantic crossings, sailing today and reflections on a cruising life.

Episode 29 (part 1): Basil Diethelm

Basil Diethelm is a 59-year member of the CYCA and has crossed the Atlantic 13 times under sail. By Peter Shipway’s estimate, it is unlikely that any other member of the CYCA has logged more sea miles than Basil.

The content guide for part 1 starts with early days at the CYCA, 1963 sailing on Enid in the Sydney Hobart, becoming a dentist, the 1965 Fastnet Yacht Race, sailing around the world on Saraband, thoughts on piracy, sailing and working in Europe and finishing with the 1979 Fastnet Yacht Race.

Episode 28 (part1): Bruce Gould

Discussion points include early sailing days, sailing on Balandra in 1965 and 1966 Sydney Hobart, 1967 Admirals Cup – first team, winning the Sydney Hobart on Pacha, sailing with Syd Fischer, 1973 Admirals Cup – second team, sailing on Gretel II in the 1977 Americas Cup, sailing Gretel in the 1980 Sydney Hobart, line honours on Vengeance in the 1981 Sydney Hobart, first overall and line honours on Sovereign in the 1987 Sydney Hobart and losing Winston Churchill in the 1998 Sydney Hobart.

Episode 28 (part 2): Bruce Gould

Discussion points include Offshore Special Regulations, losing a keel in the South China Sea Race, losing a yacht in Bass Straight, sailing on Margaret Rintoul and sailing to Hobart on the Young Endeavour in 2019.

Episode 27 (part 1): Scott Kaufman

Discussion points include: early days at the CYCA, Tradewinds with Merv Davey, learning the ropes on Mercedes II, Ondine v Solo in 1962, the design and build of Mercedes III and the 1968 Olympics.

Episode 27 (part 2): Scott Kaufman

Discussion points include third place in 1972 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Ginko, 1973 Admirals Cup, first place in 1973 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Ceil 3, 1974 Sparkman and Stephens, sailing Pied Piper in 1975 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Etchells North American champion, sailing Katwinchar in the 2019 Rolex Sydney Hobart and ocean racing today.

Episode 26: Chris Iacono

Discussion points include: early sailing days, Samiel, 55 years at the CYCA, racing on Ragamuffin in 1970, JOG in England, Solo Marine and sailing today.

Episode 25 (part 2): John Sheridan

Discussion points include: 1976 Ballyhoo in NZ, Japan and USA, 1976 Sydney Hobart winning line honours on Ballyhoo, 1977 Fastnet Race winning line honours on Ballyhoo, memories of Don Mickleborough, 1994 Sydney Hobart winning first in the 30-year division, memories of Stan Darling and sailing today.

Episode 25 (part 1): John Sheridan

Discussion point include: sailing with Peter Luke on Wayfarer, 1964 Sydney Hobart on Athena, 1966 Sydney Hobart claiming sixth on Serifa, last race to Jervis Bay and a police launch in Hobart.

Episode 24: Michael Hesse

Discussion points include; early sailing days,1967 sailing Zilvergeest 1 and first time competing Sydney Hobart, 1971 sailing Zilvergeest 2 in the Sydney Hobart, 1972 sailing Meltemi in the Sydney Hobart, 1973 sailing Queequeg in the Sydney Hobart, 1974 sailing Love & War and winning the Sydney Hobart, 1978 sailing Love & War to a second Sydney Hobart win, 1990 sailing Ragamuffin to first over the line in the Sydney Hobart and ocean racing today.

Episode 23 (part 1): Matt Allen 

Discussion points in part 1 include; early sailing days, competing his first Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Barcardi in 1980, Lou Abrahams memories, 1983 wining the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Challenge, second in 1992 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on Morning Mist III and working with Swiss Bank and UBS in Japan.

Episode 23 (part 2): Matt Allen

Discussion points include; The first Ichi Ban (the gold boat), joining the CYCA Board in 2002, Volvo 70 project, 2017 and Ichi Ban winning the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, in the role of President of Sailing Australia, Olympic mixed offshore sailing and thoughts on the future of ocean racing.

Episode 22: Bill Ferris

Discussion points include; 1945 with Archina in the first Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, the history of Archina, racing to Hobart, Barlow Winches, the yachts Bewinched, Inch by Winch, Indian Gibber and developments in modern sailing.

Episode 21: Harold Cudmore

Discussion points include; 1977 Half Ton Cup in Sydney, 1977 Sydney Hobart on Silver Shamrock III, CYCA and yacht design, memories of Sydney Hobart Races, developments in Fastnet Race, memories of Admirals Cup and Ocean Racing today.

Episode 20: Past Commodore Kerry Roxburgh

Discussion points include; first memories of Sydney-Hobart, 1971 when he joined the CYCA, 1972, Alcheringa, first Sydney-Hobart, 1974 being Treasurer, TAA sponsors Sydney-Hobart, 1980 and being Commodore, Gordon Marshall and changes in yacht design, Keith Storey, Hitachi being first Sydney-Hobart naming rights sponsor, sailing on Ghost, 1984 when sailing in Hawaii, Sydney – Hobart memories, 1997 and the rebuild of Clubhouse and Marina, mounting a challenge for the Americas Cup and the CYCA today.

Episode 19: David Reid

Discussion points include; being called “Stork”, 1955 and joining the CYCA, 1956, the yacht Nirvana and first Sydney-Hobart, 1957 sailing on Southerly when it nearly sank, Don MIckleborough, 1958 finishing third on the yacht Southerly, then again in 1995 finishing third on Southerly, thoughts on developments in sailing, old Clubhouse and thoughts about the current day.

Episode 18: Commodore Paul Billingham

Discussion points include; Getting in to sailing, joining the CYCA, involvement at the CYCA throughout the years, upcoming events in the CYCA calendar, plans for Paul’s time as Commodore and the current Board’s layout.

Episode 17, Part 1 features Rob McAuley

Discussion points include; early days at the CYCA, sailing on Astor, 1961 to 1962 Sydney to Hobart, 1963 Transpac, and sailing through the Pacific.

Episode 17, Part 2 features Rob McAuley

Discussion points include; 1963 Transpac, 1969 sailing on Solo, making films, Mickleborough’s Corner and the larrikin spirit.

Episode 16, Part 1 features John Brooks

Discussion points include; early sailing days, joining the Canadian airforce, the Publications Committee, sailing on Pacha, a lucky navigator, Commodore and flying with Qantas.

Episode 16, Part 2 features John Brooks

Discussion points include; 1984 Sydney to Hobart on Vengeance, sailing on Ballyhoo, 1987 Sydney to Hobart on Sovereign, World Sailing Speed Record Council, Emergency Management at the CYCA and sailing today.

Episode 15, features Ted Kaufman

Discussion points include; early days at the CYCA, Trade Winds and Merv Davey, Mercedes II, Mercedes III and Bob Miller, 1967 Admiral’s Cup, Peter Brown, to be a good sailor and the most satisfying sailing.

Episode 14, Part 1 features Dave Lawson

Discussion points include; early sailing days, 1961 Sydney to Hobart on Sylph VI, sailing with Tony Cable, the seven-year cycle, 1970 Sydney to Hobart on Fare Thee Well, 1973 Sydney to Hobart and line honours on Helsal followed by Helsal and all the east coast records.

Episode 14, Part 2 features Dave Lawson

Discussion points include; 1972 Sydney to Hobart on Minna, sailing on Freight Train, CYCA Safety Committee, ocean racing today and Life Membership in 1997.

Episode 13, features Nick Cassim

Discussion points include; early days at the club, Lolita and the submarine HMS Trump, 1963 Sydney to Hobart, careening in Ulladulla, Cruising at the Cruising Yacht Club and ocean racing today.

Episode 12, Part 1 features David Kellett

Discussion points include; early memories of the club, Koomooloo camaraderie, Gretel to Hobart, The Sovereign project and 1987 Sydney to Hobart, taking the double. 

Episode 12, Part 2 features David Kellett

Discussion points include; Gordon Marshall and the Sailing Committee, joining ISAF, CYCA’s role in ocean racing, radio relay operator for the Sydney to Hobart and thoughts on the sailing today.

Episode 11, Part 1 features John Keelty

Discussion points include; keeping the beer cold and early memories of the CYCA, Merv Davies, the clubhouse, Cherana and the 1970 Sydney to Hobart, setting the handicaps, Life Member in 1998 and two EGMs.

Episode 11, Part 2 features John Keelty

Discussion points include; setting the safety standards, beginning of the CYCA Youth Sailing Academy, Olin Stephens and Merv Davies, Gordon Marshall the navigator, sailing today, a step backwards, starting the Short Haul in 1982, memories of Vic Meyer and Solo and CYCA Medical Management for Mariners Course.

Episode 10, Part 1 features Tony Cable

Discussion points include; 45 Sydney Hobart races, the early races, 1987 when Sovereign wins the double, memories of racing at the club and The Quiet Little Drink.

Episode 10, Part 2 features Tony Cable

Discussion points include; Offshore Magazine, life membership, the best boats, Boy Messenger and the old-time seamen.

 Episode 9, Part 1 features Spike Ross

Discussion points include; navy days, early sailing, 1955 with Kurrewa IV and Sydney to Hobart, the first Winter Series, 1956 with Samuel Pepys and Sydney to Hobart and hitting bottom in Constitution Dock.

Episode 9, Part 2 features Spike Ross

Discussion points include; Don Mickleborough, Vic Meyer, Solo and Sydney to Hobart, 1965 with Freya and the Admirals Cup, the Royal Defense Force and ocean racing today.

Episode 8 features Norman Rydge

Discussion points include; early days at the CYCA, Lorita Maria, 1963 and the Sydney to Hobart, origins of the 1965 Admirals Cup challenge, 1966 Bermuda Race, 1966 Trans Atlantic Race, 1971 and Koomooloo in the Admirals Cup and ocean racing today.

Episode 7, Part 1 features Mick York

Discussion points include; 1945 and joining the CYCA, the clubhouse in the early days, meeting Jeanette, Tui Manu, a Tasman Seabird, 1965 with the yacht Caprice of Huon and the Admirals Cup selection trials.

Episode 7, Part 2 features Mick York 

Discussion points include; 1965 Admirals Cup, Barrenjoey and the 1968 Olympic Trials, Kialoa II and III, Sydney to Hobart, James Craig and the National Maritime Museum, Saskia and the 8metre World Championships.

Episode 6 features Jeannette York

Discussion points include; early sailing memories, beginning of the CYC, Tradewind and the 1949 Sydney to Hobart, rating rule development, meeting Mick York, memories of Terry Hammond, Boy Messenger, Vic Meyer, the Halvorsens, sailing today, and the first women.

Episode 5 features Bill Psaltis

Discussion points include; early days at the CYCA, the first Clubhouse, 1956 Sydney to Hobart, Planning the 1965 Admirals Cup challenge, Meltemi, sinner with the Aga Khan, Huey Long and Ondine, 1998 Sydney to Hobart and ocean racing today.

Episode 4 (Part 1) features Gordon Ingate

Discussion points include; early memories of Sea Scouts and the CYCA, Peter Luke, first race to Hobart, the Clubhouse, Vic Meyer and Solo, 1950 Sydney to Hobart, the yacht Caprice of Huon and Bill Northam.

Episode 4 (Part 2) features Gordon Ingate

Discussion points include; 1965 selection trials, colonials abroad, 1965 Admirals Cup, 1972 Sydney to Hobart, the race wind of Caprice of Huon, 1972 Olympics and the problem with the IOR rating.

Episode Three – Don Mickleborough

Discussion points include; early memories, 1958 Sydney to Hobart, great characters he has sailed with, the worst weather, dancing with officialdom, the Delphine affair, favourite boats and thoughts on sailing today.

Episode Two: Trygve Halvorsen

Discussion points include; early days at the CYCA, Saga, Peer Gynt, Solveig, Anitra, Norla, Freya and the three wins in a row, Halvorsen philosophy, 1962 Americas Cup, 1965 Admirals Cup, two mainsails on Freya, Trans-Tasman Races, worst weather and sailing today.

Episode One: Richard ‘Sighty’ Hammond

Discussion points include; Early memories, why the Halvorsens were so successful, 1967 Admirals Cup preparation, worst experience at sea, 1979 Fastnet Race, favourite boats and ocean racing today.

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