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Dear Members and guests,

This has been a really hard couple of weeks for our Club, our People and our Members. What we have become accustomed to as a community of some 3,000 Members has changed and is unlikely to return to what it used to be for the foreseeable future.

I think, rationally, we can all understand why this has had to happen, and none of us are crying “protest” about the Government’s moves to protect Australians from COVID-19, but the way it has ripped the heart out of what many of us hold dear is frankly, soul destroying.

But as a Club we need to be resilient and do the best we can for our Members, our people, our Partners and our sport and ensure that we are able to ride through the crisis and emerge ready and eager to continue.

So, the purpose of the video messaging below is to let you know what the Board has been up to, the decisions that have been made and the impact those decisions will have on you.

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