Breakout Series NOR issued

One of the great positives to come out of the COVID-19 shut down has been the increased level of cooperation amongst the major NSW yacht clubs. One of the early initiatives the Commodore group discussed was the possibility of holding an offshore race and cruise series once restrictions allowed for it.

Middle Harbour, Royal Prince Alfred, Newcastle Cruising Yacht and Port Stephens yacht clubs worked together and this week the Notice of Race for the “Breakout Series” was published.

The CYCA is hugely supportive of this initiative and drafted its own Notice of Race for the Winter Series to accommodate the Breakout Series by allowing Winter Series boats that enter the Breakout Series (Race or Cruise) to score average points for the race they will miss on Sunday 9 August.

“I am delighted to see eight entries already in the Breakout Series and strongly recommend CYCA Members and boats consider joining in. It is collaborative events like this that are the future of sailing in Sydney and will both attract new people to sailing and provide a greater variety of events for existing sailors,” commented Commodore Paul Billingham.

“I applaud Commodore Peter Lewis at MHYC for driving this initiative and the way the other organising clubs joined in to make it happen. It is a Cat 4 series and with safety certificates valid until 30 September, there is every reason to think about heading at least a little way north in August.”


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