Radio sailing in the Pond

Radio-controlled sailing is surging in popularity and the Club is pleased to offer space in the Pond to conduct races.

The Club does ask that radio sailors stick to these simple rules to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all Pond users:

  • Radio sailing is only permitted in the Pond during non-CYCA race days
  • Marks are limited to three only and must be placed so they do not obstruct the safe passage of vessels in the Pond
  • Marks can be set and retrieved using sailors’ own vessels, however, CYCA can provide a vessel to help with this (contact us).
  • Radio-controlled vessels must give way to all other vessels at all times
  • If it is a non-CYCA race day, but the Pond is busy with recreational vessels, radio sailors must relocate to the seawall adjacent Rushcutters Bay Park
  • Radio sailing is undertaken at the sailor’s own risk, and any damage sustained or caused is the responsibility of the sailor to repair at their cost

For more information on radio sailing, please visit the Australian DF Radio Sailing Association. For more information about radio sailing at CYCA, please contact us.

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