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ORC NSW Championship 2024

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) played host to an exhilarating weekend of racing in the ORC NSW Championship, with three days of racing to crown the ORC NSW state champion in both Div 1 & 2, great racing unfolded. With a CYCA boat in high contention they had all to play for over the last few days.

Day 1: Testing Conditions and Fast Downwind sailing

Day 1 of the ORC NSW Championship, hosted by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC), kicked off with a challenging Passage Race that tested the skills of competitors. Sailors contended with bumpy and shifty conditions, along with strong currents, creating a demanding environment on the water.

In Division 1 it was David Ross and his crew aboard Kukukerchu (CYCA), a Cape 31 who emerged victorious despite sailing against larger rivals. The team’s great downwind performance propelled them to the top spot, showcasing the Cape 31’s speed and agility in challenging conditions.

Bob Cox’s Nine Dragons (MHYC) and Ian Box’s Toy Box 2 (MHYC) secured second and third positions, respectively, demonstrating strong performances in the competitive division.

In Division 1 it was Garry Holt’s Let’s Get It On (SYC), a Corby 36 from Queensland, who claimed the top spot, with Neil Padden’s Wailea (MHYC) and Rob Brewer’s Coyote (RPAYC) following closely behind.

Simon Grosser’s Young 88, Young at Heart (RPAYC), marked a notable presence, setting the stage for an intriguing competition with fellow Young 88 competitor Coyote in the upcoming races.

The day concluded with competitors looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the subsequent days of racing.

Kukukerchu got the best of the rest

Image: RPAYC/Andrea Francolini

Day 2: Intense Racing and Standout Performances

Day 2 witnessed the continuation of the ORC NSW Championship, where David Ross maintained his dominance in Division 1, securing victories in both windward/leeward races aboard Kukukerchu (CYCA). Bob Cox’s Nine Dragons (MHYC) and Ian Box’s Toy Box 2 (MHYC) maintained their positions in second and third place, respectively, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion to the championship the following day.

In Division 2, Garry Holt and Let’s Get It On (SYC) continued their impressive performance, clinching victories in both races. Neil Padden’s Wailea (MHYC) held onto second place, while Peter Farrugia’s Bullwinkle (RPAYC) moved up to third overall, adding excitement to the divisional standings.

Lets Get It On dominating Division 2

Image: RPAYC/Andrea Francolini

Day 3: Decisive Races and Championship Conclusions

The final day of the ORC NSW Championship brought a mix of conditions that tested the resilience and strategic prowess of all competitors.

David Ross secured the Division 1 championship title aboard Kukukerchu (CYCA), showcasing consistent performance and tactical brilliance throughout the championship. Bob Cox’s Nine Dragons (MHYC) and Mark Griffith’s Old School Racing (RPAYC) rounded off the podium, highlighting the competitive nature of the division.

Garry Holt’s Let’s Get It On (SYC) emerged triumphant in Division 2, with Garry Essex’s Veloce (RPAYC) and Rob Brewer’s Coyote (RPAYC) securing second and third places, respectively, after intense competition in the division.

Bushranger chasing down Kukukerchu

Image: RPAYC/Andrea Francolini

Division 1: Overall prize getters:

  1. Kukukerchu (CYCA) – David Ross – Cape 31
  2. Nine Dragons (MHYC) – Bob Cox – DK 46
  3. Old School Racing (RPAYC) – Mark Griffith – DK 46

Division 2: Overall prize getters:

  1. Let’s Get It On (SYC) – Garry Holt – Corby 36
  2. Veloce (RPAYC) – Garry Essex – J/99
  3. Coyote (RPAYC) Rob Brewer – Young 88

Congratulations to David Ross and his crew on Kukukerchu (CYCA) who demonstrated superiority over the fleet in Division 1 across all 3 days of racing.  

Follow this link to look at the full event details and standings.

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