Volstar Yeah Baby climbs to a second place in the 2024 Two-Handed Pointscore

Last Saturday 17 March 2024 , Lindsay Stead and Maike Muth were gearing up for the Two-Handed Pointscore race to Shellharbour aboard their Akilaria RC2, Volstar Yeah Baby. They set sail in light conditions, navigating the waves and light patches with precision.

Despite the challenges, they sailed flawlessly, crossing the finish line only 1 hour and 7 minutes behind the record. Lindsay later shared “next year”, when he spoke about the record.

Their win earned them first place in IRC, propelling them to second place overall in the Pointscore standings. PHS honours went to Andrew Butler’s J/122E Rumchaser.

With all eyes set on the next race Friday 8 March 2024, we are excited to see who will land on the final podium places of this year’s Two-Handed Pointscore. 

Overall Pointscore Standings here.

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