Short Haul Pointscore

The Short Haul Pointscore is a non-spinnaker series comprising of 13 races. Several are raced in the Harbour and at night while the majority of races are sailed off Sydney Heads.

On Board with Defiant

A Spring Pointscore and an Autumn Pointscore will be conducted within the Series. The Spring Pointscore will comprise all races held prior to Christmas. The Autumn Pointscore will comprise all races held after Christmas.

A Passage Pointscore (PP) will also be conducted and comprise of the Pittwater passage races and the Botany Bay Race (5 races with the best 4 to count).

Competitors competing in the Short Haul Pointscore require a Special Regulations Audit of Category 4. Note the Night Harbour Races are Category 5.

Short Haul Pointscore 2021-22 Calendar

RACE 1 Sunday 12 September 2021 24th Monica Geddes Memorial Trophy
RACE 2 Saturday 25 September 2021 53rd Rubber Kellaway Plate (MHYC)
RACE 3 Saturday 9 October 2021
RACE 4 Friday 15 October 2021 Night Harbour Race
RACE 5 Saturday 6 November 2021 65th Paul Royle Memorial Trophy
Sydney to Pittwater – PP Race 1
RACE 6 Sunday 7 November 2021 Pittwater to Sydney – PP Race 2
RACE 7 Friday 12 November 2021 Night Harbour Race
RACE 8 Saturday 4 December 2021 Morna Cup (RSYS)
RACE 9 Wednesday 26 January 2022 186th Australia Day Regatta/City of Sydney Cup – PP Race 3
RACE 10 Saturday 19 February 2022 Sydney to Pittwater – PP Race 4
Non-pointscore Sunday 20 February 2022 Pittwater to Sydney – PP Race 5
RACE 11 Saturday 12 March 2022 Milson Memorial Cup
RACE 12 Saturday 19 March 2022
RACE 13 Saturday 2 April 2022

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