Rum Jungle

Women’s Winter Series – Race 2

As winter is starting to take hold of Sydney, the Queen’s Birthday long weekend marked Race 2 of the Women’s Winter Series.

After a gloomy start to the weekend, Sunday brought a batch of fresh weather with a lovely clear sky and sun for the entrants which made their way out to the Point Piper start line.

Competitors started the race in a five- to eight-knot south-westerly breeze but as the day progressed entrants were left searching for any bit of breeze they could in the shortened course before swinging around to a light north easterly breeze in the afternoon.

One team which was able to make the most of the conditions was Thirlmere skippered by Iona Williams.

“It was a good day. We were really happy as we have basically an all-female crew, just one male on board which we are aiming to make all female soon. All the crew did a great job, it was a big team effort. Everyone was concentrating and working hard the whole race,” said Williams.

“It was quite a nerve-racking race, with the light winds it gets down to the tactics to try and figure out how to get through the wind gusts in the best possible way.”

Many of the crew members also compete in the CYCA Winter Series throughout the winter gaining skills in all areas.

“I do mainsheet on Thirlmere throughout the winter series and then when we have the women’s races, Mike Logan who owns the boat lets me be the skipper and get some valuable experience,” said Williams.

Clewless? also gave us a push but just got caught in a dead patch of no breeze. Smuggler was really getting close to us as well but we managed to stay in front.”

Rum Jungle took first in Div 1 Non-spinnaker who was skippered by Helen Springer and are showing off their skills as they progress through the season.

“The boat works quite well in the light breeze, that combined with the cleaned hull and being on the right side of the shifts meant we had a good day,” said Tony Johnson, owner of Rum Jungle.

“As the breeze faded we were able to get away from the other boats, the last few races of the winter series have been similar and we have done quite well. We have also improved throughout the races with having a stable crew and getting settled on the boat.”

The Women’s Winter Series will have it’s final race of the series on 14 July which will conclude CYCA Winter Series.


Divisional winners include:

Division Boat Owner
Non-Spinnaker (PHS)
Div 1 Rum Jungle Helen Springer
Div 2 Sabre Daniel Foggo
Spinnaker (PHS)
Div 1 Thirlmere Iona Williams
Div 2 Speedwell Melissa Geeves

Click here for full list of results.

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