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S2H Walk Challenge – ‘Wild One’ and ‘Wings’ finish

25/05/2020 – ‘Wings’ finishes in soggy conditions 

At 12:04:33 on Monday 25 May 2020, ‘Wings’ completed the S2H Challenge in less than ideal conditions. With winds peaking at 47 knots over the weekend, and rain in excess of 100mm, it was a soggy and windy finish for the ‘Wings’ team.

Led by Elyse Guevara, her team of Ian Edwards, Vicki DiMunno, Janease Graham, Kate Haycock, Daniel Brunelli-Brondex, Janelle Orth, Janice Rattray, Paul Edwards and Jill Brunelli completed the course in 21 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes and 33 seconds, to average a speed of 2.29km/hr.

Ian Edwards has also secured a provisional podium position in the ‘Top Performers’ leader-board, currently lying in 3rd position having completed 291.43km.

Five teams still remain in Bass Strait and are predicted to get into Hobart in about 2.5 weeks.


22/05/2020 – Wild One celebrate at Constitution Dock whilst others hit the doldrums 

Over the weekend the remaining fleet contesting the S2H Challenge experienced a mixed bag of conditions as the midfield group of leaders trekked away towards the finish line, a few teams found themselves in the doldrums of Bass Strait.

Wild One’s team of Stephanie Lyons, David Ward, Margaret Mahon, Emily Slattery, Rees Howell, Kesley Baptist, Norma Clifford, James Turner, Tom Hoole, Phil Lyons glided through the finish line at 19:07:27 on Friday 22 May 2020.

Norma Clifford also completing a milestone during the racing, being now one of only two people to have completed more than 300km!!! Norma smashed out 309.42km during the race, and sits in second place on the ‘Top Performer’ leader-board behind Charles Parry-Okeden.

On the other end of the story, ‘Slumber Party’ seem to have lost their groove, and only managed to complete 7km across the weekend.

As of this morning, ‘Wings’ is an agonizing 31.37km from the finish, but we hope to see them drift across the finish line today.


20/05/2020 – Crystal Cutter III finish, and first retirement received 

Crystal Cutter III snuck into Hobart on Wednesday night with the Race Committee unaware of their finish until now. It is alleged that Crystal Cutter III failed to turn on their navigation lights as they came up the Derwent River by the Race Committee, but later evidence shows that Crystal Cutter III were racing legally and will now sneak into fourth place, a mere 38 minutes in front of ‘Roger That’ after a lengthy two day protest hearing to audit both teams finishing times and records.

“After a protest hearing, the Race Committee has found that ‘Crystal Cutter III’ had in fact crossed the finish line in the S2H race at 19:12:22 on Wednesday 20 May 2020, to finish in fourth position, just in front of ‘Roger That’ which finished at approx 19:50:00hrs. I think we all got a bit excited about the news that actually going sailing again and lost sight of the finish line on Wednesday evening!”

The jubilant crew acknowledged the hard work of the race committee to rectify the mistake and were doubly excited when they also heard the news of sailing returning to the water.

Charles Parry-Okeden’s legs almost buckled underneath him at Customs House later that night, and not because of the rum, but instead of the incredible single person effort to complete an unbelievable 341.39km of the 1163km race track over the past two weeks. Charles sits well clear at the top of the ‘Top Performer’ chart.

Charles and his Maxi9 team of Mike Cullen, Adam Leeming, Dan O’Sullivan, Ed Strike, James Wentworth, Justin Kingston, Steve Braithwaite and James Fraser are all very proud to have finished the course.

Late on Thursday afternoon, Gasping Gaps 2019 skipper David McCracken called the Race Committee to record the first retirement from the S2H Challenge. McCracken revealed that son, Darcy McCracken, was ‘simply not pulling his weight’ and the decision was to turn around.

20/05/2020 – Roger That, 4th home in Hobart

At 19:50:26, “Roger That” crossed the finish line for the S2H walk, to finish in fourth position. Their time of 17 days, 10 hours, 50 minutes and 26 seconds is a commendable effort for the team of 10, including David Ingram, Cally Armstrong, Brad Hastings, Louise Tillett, Andrew Pietruschka, Marc Verdiel, Jean Cane, Karen Corkery, Angelica Salmon and Tais Groggatt.

After a slow start, the team really picked up their pace in the second half of the race and have had a good battle for the final few miles alongside Crystal Cutter III, which was less than 50km behind at the time of finish.

Three of the “Roger That” crew have also cracked the enviable Top 10 “Top Performers” list, with Louis Tillett currently in 10th position, having completed 191.52km, David Ingram is one further in front in 9th on 197.06km. Cally Armstrong has been the teams top performer, currently sitting in 6th overall with 213.11km completed!


17/05/2020 – ITIKI takes third in S2H

At 09:43:25, ITIKI strolled across the finish line in Hobart to take third place in the race. The team celebrated with the customary drink at Customs House. The team of 10 had a sold second half to their race, eventually pulling away from the chasing pack to secure the final podium position.

Lynda Shelley, Keith Logan, Amanda Wilmot, Richard Cawse, Valerie Mallet, Jocelyn Webb, Pam Fagence, Vanessa Stack, Scott Clarkson and Nicole Field finished the course in 13 days, 43 minutes and 25 seconds. For team member Vanessa Stack, she also currently sits in 7th place in the individual ‘Top Performers’ of the race, completing 172.43km at the time of completion.

Over the weekend Charles Parry-Okeden also made an impressive new milestone, moving to the top of the ‘Top Performer’ table, having completed a staggering 280.92km with still over 300km to go for his team on Crystal Cutter III. Congratulations so far Charles!

The chasing pack are still tightly bunched, with another four teams expected to arrive this week.


13/05/2020 – SuperMaxi Team ‘CYCA Sailing Office’ complete S2H

“CYCA Sailing Office” supermaxi team of 10 have finished in second place this morning, crossing the finishing line at 07:14:01hrs. After an electrifying race down the NSW coast and across bass strait over the past week, the team fell behind on Day 8, with ‘Terre Reve’ pulling away as they approached Tasmania.

Although they have finished second, the team of Justine Kirkjian, Tara Blanc-Ramos, Pam Scrivenor, Emma Wedekind, Peter Jenkins, Murray Jones, Fiona Cole, Emma Harrison, Adam Rose and Jordan Reece can be proud of what they have achieved.

Even more so for Emma Wedekind, who overnight, has claimed the ‘Top Performer’ spot, having completed a gigantic 225.98km of the 1163km race!



At 13:16:54, “Terre Reve” crossed the finish line at Castray Esplanade on the River Derwent and was declared line honours winner in the inaugural S2H Challenge.

Over night, the team pulled out all the stops against “CYCA Sailing Office”, averaging almost 20km per person over a 24 hour period in supermaxi team of 10. The CYCA Sailing Office surprisingly fell behind with still 102km to complete, with Itiki in third place as they continue their crossing of the Bass Strait.

Led by the pestering James Whelan, his crew of Melissa Denman, Geoffrey Holmes, Soph Chesterman, Jess Barr, Alexis Whelan, Whitney Merchant, Rachel Chen, Omid Shakabie, Tenae Leitch averaged a whopping 5.93km/hr to complete the course.

It is no doubt they are the winners, with 7 of the 10 members all completing more than 113km each. Soph Chesterman currently leads and will also be hard to beat for the individual top performer, finishing a massive 205.28km herself.

Tom O’Callaghan of TOC Solo has made the impressive commitment to being the first person to complete the challenge solo! We will be watching his progress closely.

Terre Reve is now making their way to Constitution Dock for celebrations! Well done to the team!


Tracking – as at 09:00:00 on 25/05/2020 (next full update at 10:00:00 on 01/06/2020. Tracking closes 30 minutes prior to update)

** The ranking table will be updated regularly as teams approach the finish, however, the tracker will be updated daily **

Rank Team Name Distance DTG DTL SOG ETA
1 Terre Reve 1163 FINISHED
2 CYCA Sailing Office 1163 FINISHED
4 Crystal Cutter III 1163 FINISHED
5 Roger That 1163 FINISHED
6 Wild One 1163 FINISHED
7 Wings 1163 FINISHED
8 Faster Forward 628.9 534.1 1.25 11 June
9 SheSAILS@NCYC 610.78 552.22 18.12 1.21 11 June
10 Europa 589.51 573.49 39.39 1.17 24 June
11 Slumber Party 439.77 723.23 189.13 0.87 28 June
12 TOC Solo 198.46 964.54 430.44 0.39 6 Sept
13 Gasping Gaps 2019 RETIRED


Top Performers
Rank Name Team Distance Status
1 Charles Parry-Okeden Crystal Cutter III 341.39 FINISHED
2 Norma Clifford Wild One 309.42 FINISHED
3 Ian Edwards Wings 280.87 RACING
4 Edward Strike Crystal Cutter III 255.4 FINISHED
5 Emma Wedekind CYCA Sailing Office 225.98 FINISHED
6 Cally Armstrong Roger That 213.11 FINISHED
7 Soph Chesterman Terre Reve 205.28 FINISHED
8 Val Mallet ITIKI 201.3 FINISHED
9 Tom O’Callaghan TOC Solo 198.46 RACING
10 David Ingram Roger That 197.06 FINISHED

Check out where our leaders are at below:


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