Spirit of Cruising Dinner at the Shippies

Denis Doyle and Lynne Smith from CYCA Cruising Committee, along with Shaaron Walsh, hosted a lively evening at the traditional venue of The Shipwright Arms, Battery Point, Hobart.

The evening was attended by a large group of cruising yachts & AWBF participants as part of the CYCA S2H17 to celebrate Spirit of Cruising. Phil Ross from Cruising Helmsman and Chas from Tas also joined us for the evening.

Many stories told and friendships made as the evening rolled on. All were greatly appreciative of the support by the CYCA in making Roger Badhams forecasts available for managing their passage to Hobart.

Boats and crew participating in S2H17 and attending the evening were:

Anitra V, Smoky Cape, Maris, Lyndenne, Flemingo, Kintail, Ariki Tai, Nashira, Galaxy III, Sweet Chariot, White Onyx.

All were looking forward to attending/visiting the AWBF over the weekend where many would be on board to greet the many visitors and show off their boats.

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