Quiz: Protesting a boat

By John Kirkjian, Chairman of the Protest Committee, and Rear Commodore David Jacobs

Too frequently, protest committees are forced to close a hearing without a determination of the facts as the competitors were oblivious of their obligations under RRS 61.1(a) (informing the protestee).

Unless these requirements are complied with, the protest is invalid, and the hearing must be closed in accordance with RRS 63.5, as the committee has no discretion in the matter.

Here is a quick quiz to test yourself as to your knowledge of this aspect of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The facts

During a race, Boat A is on a starboard tack and Boat B is on port tack. They are on converging courses. Boat A hails “starboard” but Boat B does not change course. At the last minute, to avoid a collision, Boat A changes course by ducking under Boat B.

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