New Summer trading hours

As of Monday 12 October, we will be extending Clubhouse trading to our new Summer hours:

Sydney Hobart Bar Bottle Shop/ice Coasters Retreat Members’ Bar Cafe 44
Monday 1100-2100hrs 1100-2100hrs 1600-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs
Tuesday 1100-2100hrs 1100-2100hrs 1600-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs
Wednesday 1100-2200hrs 1100-2200hrs 1600-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs
Thursday 1100-2200hrs 1100-2200hrs 1600-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs
Friday 1100-2300hrs 1100-2200hrs 1600-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs
Saturday 0800-2300hrs 0800-2200hrs 1500-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs
Sunday 1000-2100hrs 0800-2000hrs 1500-2000hrs 0800-2100hrs

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