Jackie Sapir pictured far left

Member Spotlight – Jackie Sapir

What year did you join the CYCA? 2015

What is your favourite CYCA memory?
There have been so many but I would have to say being on About Time on the start line for the 2019 RSHYR, a race that has been our family’s “Christmas tradition” for as long as I can remember, was an incredible experience.  I am so glad it was an upwind start so that we were able to soak in the atmosphere on the rail while racing the boat.  I have to thank Julian Farren-Price for putting an amazing campaign together and allowing me to be a part of the crew.

What is your proudest achievement out on the water?
Winning the Women’s Winter Series in 2016 on Defiant with Paul Billingham and Pete McGee.  It was a tough light wind series that came down to the wire and the crew managed to keep the boat moving enough to sneak past our competition to take the win in the final race.

What bucket list sailing event would you still like to enter/attend?
We are booked to go to Auckland to watch some of the America’s Cup in March but with the current situation, I don’t see that happening.  So America’s Cup is on the list.  I did Antigua Sailing Week in 2017 with a group of friends I met through sailing at the CYCA and that was an amazing week of fun.  We are looking at trying to do one of the other Caribbean events once travel has resumed.  

What do you think is the best thing about the CYCA?
The opportunity to get involved and give back to the sailing community. There are so many ways to help out, from being crew in the various charity regattas to volunteering on committees.  I am currently on the Member Engagement Committee which looks at ways that the club can improve the Member experience and the Club as a whole.  I also helped out with running the Rolex Sydney Hobart website during the 2018 race and was a liaison for an international boat that year. Currently, I am helping on the start boat while I recover from shoulder surgery and I think everyone should take a turn on the start boat to see what is involved in running the race.  We had up to 125 boats in the winter series races and it can get quite busy keeping track of them all.  It’s something that you really don’t see as you sail past and wave.

What is your favourite sailing movie/book and why?
I read a few books about the 1998 Rolex Sydney Hobart in the lead up to the 2019 race and one book that stood out was “Into The Storm” by Dennis Perkins.  It looks at the 1998 race as a case study in leadership and team building.  It is well worth reading for insights into team dynamics and lessons in team and yacht preparation for a race such as the Hobart.

What do you do when you are not sailing?
Aside from volunteering at the Club?  Right now I am helping my partner landscape his yard which is a project that has been going for a couple of years now in between our sailing adventures.  Other than that we spend a lot of time with his 18-month-old grandson.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I spent 11 years living in the US in San Francisco and Boston and I should have joined a sailing club as soon as I got there.  The friends you make in the sailing community last a lifetime and that’s an opportunity I really missed out on.

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