Great Veterans’ Race

This weekend along with the Founders Day celebrations 23 vintage yachts and their crews graced Sydney Harbour for the Great Veterans Race and compete to claim the Windward Trophy.

While crews prepared their classically designed yachts, the weather turned on a perfect racing conditions with clear blue skies and a 10-15 knot south-easterly breeze which brought the yachts in to full flight.

With the race conducted under a staggered pursuit start the larger, faster yachts were held back to chase down the smaller earlier starters which made their way down the Harbour to their first mark at Lady Bay.

The Winward Trophy which was originally held by the Muston Family and was known as the Annual Pointscore Trophy for the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club. It was held by the club between 1933-1936 before it was passed on to a long-term Club member Gordon Ingate who presented it to the Club.

Ingate has been a member of the CYCA for 70 years and this year was able to return to the Great Veterans Race sailing his yacht Jansar which placed fourth in Division 1.

Ingate reminisced about the history of the trophy at the prize giving.

“When I joined Frank Packer on the 12-metres he said to me, ‘Ingate I’ve got this trophy at home called the Muston Trophy.’ I said well that my grandmothers name. He said ‘I won it sailing Morna, when my father owned it. I don’t know what to do with it. You should have it Ingate and see what you can do with it.’ So I decided to bring it here,” said Ingate.

“The Two-Ton class was very strong at the Club at that time so I thought the best thing I could do was present it to the Club for that. After those I think it went to the One Tonners, then the Quarter Tonners then they finally presented it today along with many others.”

It was a great honor for the Club to be able to have Gordon Ingate to present the trophy which many years earlier, he himself presented to the Club.


Final Placings

Division 1:

  1. Nike – Sam Hunt
  2. Suraya – Carl Scriber
  3. Fare Thee Well – Clive Gregory

Division 2:

  1. Solveig – Annie Lawrence
  2. Boongown – Eddy Vinks
  3. Maris – Tiare Tomazewski

Full results can be found HERE.

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