CYCA’s SeaBins collect over 3.4 tonnes of marine debris

In the eight months since the large-scale installation of SeaBins in the CYCA Marina, the devices have caught an incredible 3,409 kilograms of marine debris.

The six SeaBins have filtered 875 million litres of water for microplastics, plastic fibres, oils and fuels, and collected an astonishing 14 kilograms of debris every day.

Foam pieces made up the largest category of debris caught by count at 26 per cent, followed by soft plastic items at 16 per cent and microplastics at 15 per cent. By weight, hard plastic food packaging at 28 per cent was the biggest culprit, followed by fishing gear at 26 per cent and paper cups at 12 per cent.

The SeaBin Project has published the full impact report – SeaBin Results: CYCA, which you can read via the button below.

The SeaBins are just one element of CYCA’s ongoing Sustainability Initiative which also encompasses areas such as reducing the environmental aspect of the Club’s organised sailing events, eliminating the usage of single-use plastic in events & at the Clubhouse, and gaining globally-recognised sustainability certifications.

Funding acknowledgement: This SeaBin installation is a NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Waste Less Recycle More initiative.

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