CYCA Board re-elected

This years Annual General Meeting was undertaken with great success. After a year of many disruptions and alterations with the Clubhouse it was a time to look back at the year as a whole and also look forward to the year that has commenced.

With no nominations received aside from the current Directors, the Board was reappointed and will comprise as follows:

Commodore – Paul Billingham

Vice Commodore – Noel Cornish AM

Rear Commodore – Dr Sam Haynes

Rear Commodore – Janey Treleaven

Treasurer – Arthur Lane

Directors – Justin Atkinson, David Jacobs, Bradshaw Kellett, Leander Klohs

“It has been an incredibly busy 12 months for the Board and each Director has made a huge contribution – I’m delighted that Members recognise that, are prepared to stick with us and give us another term,” Commodore Paul Billingham said.

“It is an incredible honour to be elected to serve the Club in this way and I know the Board are keen to carry on with the job we’ve been asked to do by Members”.

This year also saw the acknowledgement of our most recent 50 Year Member, Peter Cox. Peter joined the CYCA in 1969 after previously competing in two Sydney Hobart Yacht Races and getting to know many sailors from the Club. Once receiving his commemorative pin Peter recalled some memorable stories of his time at the Club and the races which he undertook with some of his close friends who were in attendance.

Peter who competed in 12 Sydney Hobart Yacht Races acknowledged his fellow Club Members, Commodore and the Board for the honour.




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