Breakfast Club Country Drought Aid appeal

The famous CYCA Breakfast Club, run by our volunteers and with Members’ wonderful contribution, has now finalised their Country Drought Aid appeal, raising in the order of $16,000!

The funds were allocated to the Country Women’s Association of Tamworth who, with the support of the Rotary Club of Tamworth, were able to distribute approximately 85 x $100 Christmas vouchers to families in need. An additional 50 x $100 Christmas vouchers were distributed through the CWA of Dubbo.

Also, due to the extra money CYCA Members generously donated, the Breakfast Club were able to donate an additional $2,000 to the CWA of Tamworth Drought Aid appeal for which they were most grateful.

CYCA would like to thank the Breakfast Club and Members for your amazing generosity. Through your support, many country families enjoyed a lighter, brighter Christmas. To learn more about or support the Country Women’s Association of NSW Drought Aid appeal, please click here.

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