Appellation Oysters at CYCA

Appellation Oysters is a premium grading program designed for the identification and selection of the best quality oysters available on any given day.

These delicious oysters are available each week from Friday – Sunday at Cafe 44 until they are sold out.

By selecting and grading oysters from the 60+ farms in Australia’s Oyster Coast (AOC) family, it is ensured that only the most beautiful oysters will be awarded Appellation status on that particular day.

The 5 Pit Stops of Flavour

Eating an oyster is a gastronomic experience with five distinct flavour pit stops:

  1. Brine
  2. Creaminess
  3. Sweetness
  4. Mineralisation
  5. Umami


Like wine, the oysters of each region have a different flavour. Oysters grown in fresher water, or soon after rain, will have a sweet flavour. Oysters grown close to an estuary mouth will have a saltier, briny flavour.

When eating an oyster, you are travelling through the oyster’s marine environment, with the nuanced flavour profile of each oyster an expression of it’s particular place of origin.

Rock Oysters are generally more fragile than their marine counterpart the Pacific Oyster, and thus their flavour and texture are more reflective of their environment.

The oysters served at Café 44 are most commonly from Merimbula NSW. Notes attached.

Sustainable Practice

AOC management and growers have worked to develop and implement Environmental Management Systems which are world’s best practice from an environmental and sustainability perspective. This helps ensure premium Rock Oysters are available year-round.

Bring endemic to the east coast, Rock Oysters have a light touch on our waterways and estuaries. Not only do oysters play an important function in a marine ecosystem by acting as filters, they also provide a habitat and hiding place for an enormous range of other animals such as worms, snails, sponges, small crabs, fish and oyster spat.

Click here to find out more about the Appellation Oysters from Merimbula.

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