Refurbishment History

2012 – CYCA Redevelopment – Stage 1 completed!

The CYCA Site Redevelopment Committee are pleased to announce Stage 1 of the CYCA redevelopment program is completed. Final approvals in obtaining a construction certificate were obtained in January 2012, with building works conducted through February until mid March 2012.

Stage 1 of the development has seen the expansion of arm D of the marina with the addition of nine berths capable of accommodating vessels up to 18 metre in length, as well as an additional 65 metres of casual berthing space. Practical completion of the extended part of the marina was achieved on 13 March 2012.

While the marina extension was being constructed, the redundant slipway was cleared and filled in, resulting in an additional 24 car parking bays being added to the existing supply of car parking. Total car parking bays in the northern car park can now accommodate 60 cars with a dedicated bay available for motorbikes and bicycles.  Overall, there are now 76 car parking bays on the entire site.

As indicated in previous announcements, funding for stage 1 of the development was generated by drawing down existing cash reserves alleviating the need to establish a debt facility. The committee is extremely pleased with the outcome of both projects and were delivered on time and within budget.

Work is now underway to deliver stage 2 of the development, that being the demolition of the hardstand and riggers area, the C arm deck, and the construction of a new hardstand across the entire waterfront (not including the decking in front of the club house). Prior to this work commencing arm C of the marina will be disconnected from the  C arm deck and the section that accommodates the CYCA YSA Elliotts and work berth will be re oriented to connect with the current B arm walkway. When that occurs the only entrance point to the marina will be from the A arm ramp. The existing work berth will be relocated to the elbow of the D arm walkway.

More information on the stage 2 program will follow as it comes to hand and communicated to members via Offshore and the weekly Onshore email newsletter.


2012 – CYCA Redevelopment: C Arm Reconfiguration

Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce the next phase of our redevelopment will begin on Tuesday 12 June 2012 when work will commence on the reconfiguration of C arm of the marina.

The scope of works will include;

• Disconnect the C arm gangway from the C arm deck
• Terminate the existing services
• Remove 3 existing piles
• Drive 1 pile to support the relocated walkway
• Relocate 3 existing marina figures
• Swing the C arm walkway 90 degrees to connect with the elbow of the B arm walkway
• Reconnect services
• Reconnect the existing C arm gangway alongside the A arm gangway
• Connect additional pontoons to increase the entrance area of the marina at the base of A arm gangway

The program of works shows the reconfiguration will take around 3 weeks and cause minimal disruption to berth holders located on C arm. The last 2 activities of the scope of works will likely occur after the overall reconfiguration takes please.

We plan to keep the pond open while the works are taking place, however some disruptions or possible pond closures might occur subject to the operation of the barge that will be established during the first week of the program.

At the conclusion of the work, the only entrance to the marina will be via the existing A arm gangway, which we hope will become a focal point of the Club’s operations.

I wish to pass on my thanks for the ongoing work being conducted by the Redevelopment Committee and ask for your ongoing co-operation and patience while this phase of the development is carried out.

Garry Linacre
21 May 2012


2012 – Stage 2a of CYCA Redevelopment now completed.

Dear Members

I am pleased to announce the next stage of the clubs redevelopment, the reconfiguration of C arm of the marina has now been completed and fully operational.

To remind you of the scope of works for this stage of the development, the following has taken place;

• Disconnect the C arm gangway from the C arm deck
• Terminate the existing services
• Remove 3 existing piles
• Drive 1 pile to support the relocated walkway
• Relocate 4 existing marina fingers
• Swing the C arm walkway 90 degrees to connect with the elbow of the B arm walkway
• Reconnect services

Boat access to the pond is now via the fairway between the CYCA C arm and d’Albora marina S arm. A procedure has been agreed with our neighbour that all outgoing boats from the CYCA Pond and southern side of  d’Albora S arm have right of way over incoming boats. Signage has been erected on the end of C arm to remind users of new entry to the pond and to give way to outgoing boats (see photo).

Pedestrian access to the entire marina is now only via the A arm gangway.

I wish to pass on my thanks for the ongoing work being conducted by the Redevelopment Committee and look forward to communicating with you again when further information about stage 2b of the redevelopment (redevelopment of the hardstand, C arm deck and slipway cove), is ready to announce.

Howard Piggott
20 August 2012


2010 – CYCA Redevelopment

On Wednesday 20 October 2010, the Joint Regional Planning Panel (Sydney East Region) approved the CYCA Development Application, subject to a number of conditions.

Highlights of the CYCA redevelopment include;

  • demolition of the building accommodating the Marina Canteen, Pacific Sailing School, D&R Shipwright, Rushcutters chandlery, marina office, and YSA, both car parks, the slipway, c arm deck, and hardstand
  • provision of 90 on site car parking spaces
  • construction of a new 1-2 storey contemporary building to accommodate the services previously accommodated in the building being demolished
  • basement car parking
  • construction of a new Hardstand with separate jib and riggers crane
  • reconfiguration of the access from the hardstand to B and C arms of the marina
  • extension of Arm D to provide berthing for nine yachts up to 18m in length
  • new accommodation for the marina and sailing office
  • extension of Sydney Harbour Foreshore walkway across entire site


The following approved plans are attached for viewing:


Groundfloor Plan


CYCA Site Setbacks

CYCA Roof Plan

CYCA Ramp Sections

CYCA Marina Site Plan

CYCA Demolition

Basement First Floor Plan

CYCA Photomontage 1

CYCA Photomontages 2


The model and other items relating to the redevelopment will be on display immediately opposite the trophy cabinet on the first floor of the club house.

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