Required Documentation

Further information, series SI's are available in the Summer Program.

For Summer Racing Series: (OPS, SOPS, SHPS, Twilights Etc) 

In addition, the following shall be supplied for the Ocean Pointscore Newcastle Race:

  • Verification of Stability
  • Radio Inspection Certificate 

For the Blue Water Pointscore Series: (BWPS)

  • Completed Entry made online
  • Conditions of Entry Form (BWPS)
  • Australian Sailing Special Regulations Equipment Audit Form for Race Category 2 or higher
  • Verification of Stability
  • Verification of Construction requirements
  • Current Rating Certificate (if applicable)
  • 406 EPIRB Certificate
  • Life Raft Inspection Certificate
  • CYCA Radio Inspection Certificate
  • Radio Operators certificates for two crew members
  • Provide First Aid certificates for two crew members
  • Australian Sailing Sea Safey and Survival course certificates for 30% of crew members
  • Declaration of crew experience for 50% of crew members
  • Crew List in the format supplied by the Organising Authority
  • General Disclaimer and Acknowledgement of Rights form to be signed by each crew member
  • Digital Colour Photograph of boat under sail
  • Marine legal liability insurance policy
  • Entry fee


Race Declarations

Refer General Conditions of Racing 15

Blue Water Pointscore Declaration 
All competitors participating in the BWPS shall lodge a declaration online within the time limit for delivering protests confirming their compliance or non-compliance with the SI's and RRS.

Cat 3-7 Race (General) Declaration
All competitors participating in a CYCA race noted Category 3-7 shall lodge a declaration as required for any of the following circumstances:
a) for an infringement of any RRS or SI
b) after rendering assistance
c) any use of the motor for propulsion
d) temporary discontinuance from racing
e) not sailing the course due to a mark being missing or unsighted
f) acceptance, with details, of any alternative penalty
g) statement of finishing time when the Committee Vessel is not on station.