A Step Too Far- Information Night with Peter Bland

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  • By Lauren Hopper
  • 06 Jul 2016 14:00:00

Peter Bland presenting at the CYCA


The CYCA Cruising Committee hosted an information night at the club on Tuesday the 4th of July, ‘A Step Too Far’ with Peter Bland. Over 100 CYCA members attended the event where Peter not only spoke about his life story but his extraordinary achievements of reaching both the South and North Magnetic Poles and the challenges he had to overcome in doing so.

Peter’s story is a remarkable one with multiple layers of challenges. He has had two major heart surgeries and was the first Australian to reach both Poles, including dragging a sled 650km across the frozen Artic Sea to reach the North Magnetic Pole.

Some of the challenges Peter has faced during his South Pole adventure included, diving under his Yacht in Antarctic waters to free a rope from around his propeller, being caught in an Antarctic Avalanche and falling the equivalent of 14 stories down a crevice where he laid for 3 days before finally being recovered.

Quite an amazing tale, but Peter is quite an amazing man who has so far raised over $14 Million for Australian Charities including the Australian Heart Foundation.

Peter has released a book ‘A Step too Far’ that is a highly recommended read and will truly explain the incredible Australian Peter is and what a privilege it was to have him come to the CYCA and present to members.

To find out more about Peter click here. Peter always welcomes the opportunity for people to join him on his adventures, so you never know you might be able to join him on his next one.

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