Membership fees

Category Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Member $500 $711
Regional $500 $253
Resides outside 150km radius, not engaged professionally or in business in Sydney
Overseas $500 $327
Permanently resides outside Australia
Associate NIL $185
Any Male or female being the partner, wife or child at the time of nomination, of a Full, Life, Regional, or Overseas Member

Crew Membership

18 - 29 years only, not eligible for parking facilities 




To 18 years only, not eligible for parking facilities



Family Membership Package (Full Member + Associate) $500 $896
Husband and wife, or defacto plus all children under 18. A separate form must be completed for each individual.
YSA Junior (up to 18 years)/YSA Crew (18-25 years) $1 $92
Must be enrolled as a student of the Youth Sailing Academy, not eligible for parking facilities.