Digital Archive Catalogue

The CYCA Archives Committee has begun the task of digitising and cataloguing an enourmous amount of historical items collected since the club and Sydney Hobart Yacht Race were established in 1945.

The task itself is monumental and ambitious and will take some time to complete.

As a work in progress, the committee will make available the items it digitises for members and visitors to enjoy. The plan is to start at 1945 and progress on a regular basis until complete.

Like all cataloguing projects the club relies on volunteers to devote their time and energy in bringing the rich history of the CYCA and Sydney Hobart Yacht race to its members and visitors who have an interest in the club and its ocean racing history.

If you have skills in cataloguing and would like to devote some time to the project please contact the CYCA CEO via email

Furthermore, if you have photo's, films or documents relating to the CYCA, the Sydney Hobart Yacht race, or other club ocean races please contact the CYCA CEO via the email address above and we can add those items to the digitised catalogue.

The Archives Committee looks forward to bringing the clubs rich history to life.