CYCA Members who are currently Cruising

 CYCA Cruising Trophies

In accordance with clause 18.9(b) of the CYCA Sailing Program, members are advised that when undertaking their Cruising journey, they may be eligble for the CYCA Cruising Trophy. There are two trophies:

(i)      CYCA Plaque and Perpetual Trophy for Best Cruise Overseas;

(ii)     CYCA Plaque for Best Cruise in Australian Waters.

  • Owners of boats who have made such a cruise during the season are
    invited to submit a descriptive log to the CEO before March 30 for the review
    of the Cruising Committee.
  • Neither trophy will be presented unless the Board of Directors considers
    the cruise sufficiently outstanding.
  • These trophies will be awarded at the Annual 20 plus Year Members Dinner.

Previous recipients include: Ted Nobbs and Nancy Knudsen for their journey in Blackwattle; Denis Doyle and Lynne Smith (Sextant) and Alex Whitworth and his Berrimilla adventures.