Bluewater Cruising

Bluewater Cruising

In 2009 the Cruising Committee of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia took the words of the clubs founders to heart and re-ignited the passion of "men with a love of cruising and the seamanship that goes with cruising"From Ratbags to Respectability.

By combining the love of cruising and a respect for safety, the Cruising Committee organised the inaugural Club Marine 2009 Cruise  to Hobart.

Five yachts participated in 2009 with many more expressing interest. Many were unable to meet the high safety standards in the time allowed but indicated that future cruising events would see their yachts participating.

"It is important to note that supporting a future for cruising is an opportunity for the CYCA to establish the 'world's best practice' standards for blue water cruising." said David Champtaloup, cruising committee member and club director.

Preparations are commencing for the 2015 Rendezvous to Hobart.

The 2015 Rendezvous to Hobart is designed around the arrival time into Hobart in early February 2015 to allow boats to participate in the Australian Wooden Boat Festival and the Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation Cruise.

Boat owners considering cruising from Sydney to Hobart in January and February 2015 are invited to join the Rendezvous to Hobart 2015. Arranged by members of the CYCA who share a love of cruising, this will be the fourth event of its type. NB: This is not an official club organised event.

As with previous Rendezvous' to Hobart, will serve as the communications hub. A program of cruise information evenings and a set of rendezvous location and times will be organised. The radio communications schedule and tailored on route weather information will be available to all vessels electing to participate.

For enquiries about the Rendezvous to Hobart (from Sydney) in January and February 2015 please contact Denis Doyle at

More details to be available shortly.