Redevelopment Committee

The Redevelopment Committee was commissioned by the Board of Directors in 2007 to bring to fruition plans to create greater efficiencies and compliance to the site that is currently occupied by the floating marina, club house, hardstands, slipway and car park.

After working for 12 months on a detailed masterplan, the Site Redevelopment Committee was tasked with identifying and briefing a suitable architectual firm.

The successful firm appointed by the Board of Directors was Allen Jack & Cottier, a firm who is experienced in recreational waterfront development as well creating many commercial and residential projects within the Municipality of Woollahra Council.

Members of the Redevelopment Committee have been asked to volunteer due to their professional qualifications within the architectual, building and finance professions.

Chair Paul Billingham Vice Commodore


Arthur Lane Rear Commodore

Leander Klohs Director

Janey Treleaven Treasurer

Rhonda Carr       ex officio                             

Richard Williams