The Associates Committee was founded in September 1963 when it was originally called the Ladies Auxiliary. It was formed when the board at the time decreed that a committee should be established to organise social functions for the newly refurbished clubhouse.

To this day, the Committee continues to plan and manage a number of different functions each year for club members, their families and guests.

They organise the annual Christmas hamper raffle, and each year make a contribution to a different external charity.

One of the more popular events hosted by the Associates Committee is the SOLAS Fundraiser, which has been held as black tie formal event, and more recently as a long ‘80’s style’ lunch in 2014. 

We are grateful to the many organisations who donate their products for the fund raiser, and to all members and guests who continually support this worthy cause.

The annual Members Childrens Christmas party is organised by the Associates Committee and grows bigger each year. Santa arrives by tender at the CYCA pond, and each child is presented with a personal gift.  

There is the usual party food, with entertainment, games and a magic show provided by clowns.

Over the years funds have been used to purchase many items for the club including an oil painting of Ragamuffin, a members' notice board for the Coaster's Retreat, and a copy of the Kathleen Gillett logbook, which can be viewed in the Coaster's Retreat.

In recent times, the Associates Committee have donated a defibrillator unit for use on the MV Gordon Marshall, one of the club's race committee vessels, and in conjunction with the Breakfast Club, a coffee table/bookshelf located in the Coaster’s retreat.

Trivia nights have been a successful part of the social calendar over the past few years during the winter months, being held on a Wednesday once a month, attracting strong competition amongst the attendees.  

In 2001, the Associates Committee commissioned Hardy Bros. Jewellers to design the Sheila Patrick Memorial Trophy, a perpetual trophy which, in addition to individual medallions, is presented to those women who have competed in 10 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht races.

Sheila Patrick was a great achiever in her time, and a true role model and inspiration for all women sailors. In the late 1930's Sheila formed the original "all girl racing crew", competing against men in yacht races on Sydney Harbour.

She became the first woman member of the CYCA in 1949 and was an independent women involved in sailing for the love of it, at a time when this was still quite unusual. In 2008, Julie Hodder, Mary Holley and Sue Crafer were also recognised for their achievment of 10 Hobarts.

The Committee also recognises women who have completed 15 Sydney Hobart Yacht Races, with a separate perpetual trophy. Australia's most recognised female sailor, Adrienne Cahalan was presented with this trophy for completing 15 races at the 2006 Associates Annual Dinner Dance.

Seasoned sailor Vanessa Dudley was presented with the Associates Perpetual Trophy for completing 15 Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht races at the Quiet Little Drink in September 2009 and Mary Holley received the trophy when she completed her 15th Hobart in 2011.  

In 2012, the Adrienne Cahalan Trophy was established to recognise those women who have completed 20 Sydney Hobart yacht races. The elegant trophy incorporates the first ever CYCA Ladies Day race trophy that was presented to Mrs P W (Betty) Luke, wife of CYCA founder Peter Luke, in April 1950. Adrienne Cahalan was presented with this trophy, named in her honour, at the Quiet Little Drink which is held annually each September at the CYCA.

Although there are 13 voted members on the committee, they welcome all associates to join them at their meetings. Meetings are held at the CYCA in the boardroom on the first Monday of each month at 6pm, with the exception of January when no meeting is held, or if the first Monday falls on a public holiday.

(Re-elected) president - Pam Messenger 

(New)Vice President - Cathie Mulherin

(Re-elected) Secretary- Amanda Lulham

(Re-elected) Treasurer - Margaret Keelty

Other Committee Members

Fiona Davies (returning past member)

Irene Soemardi – new committee Member

Jen Dahl

Fiona Marr – Full Members who is assisting with events.

Jane Bartrum

Justine Anson 

Kay Brooks

Kendi Kellett 

Pam Neate

Pam Emerson

In addition to wives and daughters of full members, de factos, sons, step children and same sex partners can now be considered for associate membership. Please call 02 8292 7800 or email for more information.



The Associates Committee, December 2014 Image:

The Associates Committee, December 2014

Adrienne Cahalan with CYCA Associates President Pam Messenger and Mary Holley Image: CYCA Staff

Adrienne Cahalan with CYCA Associates President Pam Messenger and Mary Holley